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My name is Crystal Ana, and I’m a licensed breeder that specializes in Siberian cats. Since the year 2015, I’ve been working with animals, and for the majority of my life, I’ve had cats as pets. I’ve always had a soft spot for felines. Those animals fascinate me. Free-spirited and affectionate, with a touch of refinement. In 2018 I earned a certificate in feline nursing because I was passionate about improving the lives of these amazing creatures in my professional and personal capacities as a breeder and veterinarian. Initially, I adopted stray cats from the workplace, and they were never pedigreed. In 2013, a ragged old white Persian stray wandered into my office and piqued my interest in purebred cats. Despite her outward appearance, I fell in love with her immediately, and because her original owner never came forward, I adopted her. I nursed her back to health and began teaching her again. She was a great kitty, but she passed away too soon from renal illness. I owe my fascination with performing to her. I wanted another show-quality pedigree, but with more moderate face traits and fewer health issues. I fell in love with the Siberian and want to learn more about them after reading about them in a cat magazine.
When I first started looking for breeders in 2015, there were surprisingly few to choose from. It took me a whole year to find the perfect cat from a great local breeder. Max was a silver tabby male who also went by the moniker of Max. While I was only able to keep him as a pet due to his dislike of being displayed, my interest in being a cat breeder was piqued after attending a few shows and meeting other breeders. My first breeding female, islandsiberians  Julietsherian, was born late the following year; she is a daughter of the fantastic Russian-born Angelur Viking. She earned a triple grand champion at shows.
She produced a litter of beautiful kittens, two of them, Belle and Boris, were the foundation of my family. My breeding program is dedicated to maintaining the pure Siberian bloodline without any admixture or Neva disguise and it has taken me many years to acquire various traditional lines from throughout the world. Most of my present cats do not have any neva ancestors and those that do have it only do it at the base of their family tree. Only a select few breeders in the UK focus on producing cats with neva-free pedigrees, and I am one of them. (Check out the resources page for further details.)
My cats are pets first and foremost; they have access to both indoor and outdoor spaces in specially designed cages. As a closed cattery with my own males, I don’t have to worry about my cats contracting diseases from other facilities. All of the cats receive annual checkups and vaccines, and they are given quality cat chow all of the cats tested negative for FIV/Felv, HCM echocardiography with board once a year before to breeding
expert gene test for fecal parasites, a board-certified veterinary cardiologist, testing for PKD1 and PKDef. My entire cat family is type A and negative for b. There is a five-year warranty on the health of all kittens. My kittens have grown up with all the comforts of home and are accustomed to human voices and activity. They are totally litter trained and accustomed to having their nails clipped, pills given to them, and being groomed, among other forms of handling. Before they move downstairs with their mother, kittens spend their first few months of life in a separate, supervised nursery room. Until they are 14 weeks old, they stay with mum. To better handle irritation and other unpleasant emotions, I think it’s crucial that kittens learn proper etiquette and how to interact with other cats. I am a TICA-approved breeder and operate in accordance with their breeder code of ethics (for more information, visit the links page). This is a manual for establishing safe and secure minimal requirements. I avoid having my cats breed too closely together, which can result in sickly offspring. In Russian, the prefix Druzhina signifies “friend.” In my opinion, this perfectly characterizes the breed. They want to be a part of everything you do and love people as much as a dog loves food.

Since 2015, Siherian Cats Home has been a leading breeder of premium Siberian kittens in Washington and throughout the world. Our home is filled with more than 85 contented Siberians. We have both typical and lovely felines available.

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Instead of bidding you farewell, the family at Siberian Cats Home is there to support you in all aspects of your parenting.