Our Siberian kittens for sale are ready to travel to their new homes at the age of 12-14 weeks, after which they have had all of their vaccinations. To keep our website fresh and current, we take images of the kittens every few days when we have a litter of Standard Siberian kittens for sale. Feel free to send us an email if you’re interested in perusing our stock. It’s important to remember that your new pet may cry a lot until it gets used to its new home. In addition, a nominal charge must be paid before their good fortune may be acknowledged formally.
The Siberian cat is a little breed that stands out for its long spine, lively personality, and friendly disposition. The Siberian cat may walk like a ferret in comparison to other cats. This breed has medium-length hair, a stocky physique, and a large chest.
Both breeds share a characteristic of having extremely soft, luxuriant coats. A fluffy plume decorates the long-haired Siberian’s tail. You can pick from a variety of options. You may find them in Siberian Kittens silver, white, black, blue/gray, gold, red, and cream, as well as the more common brown tabby (with white accents). Kittens can be categorized as tabbies, torties, or tricolors. Tabbies have two solid colors and one with white markings. Smoky, shaded designs, mackerel, and marblized are just some of the options.
The adoption fee includes the following:
Possessing a Siberian Kittens and cats of your own!
A two-year guarantee on genetic health is provided through vaccinations, repeated dewormings, and a veterinarian’s health certificate.
general health assurance when your veterinarian examines your kitten within 72 hours.
Household Bundle for Siberian Cats Home: Pickup and delivery of your new cat with a plethora of accessories.
You can get a discount if you order DNA testing for the parents of many Siberian kittens or if you want to breed Siberian kittens in the future.
Siberian Kittens

Beauty The Beauty

Siberian kittens for sale, Girl

13 weeks old

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Siberian Kittens for sale

Cara The Playful

Siberian Kitten for sale, Girl

12 weeks old

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black Siberian kittens for sale

Blacky The Friendly

black Siberian Kitten for sale, Boy

14 weeks old

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Siberian Kittens for sale

JOJO & KIKI  Clever

Siberian neva masquerade, Boy and Girl

13 weeks old

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Siberian Cats breeder nea me

Karly SOLD

black Siberian Kitten, Boy

12 weeks old

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Kittens for sale

Luna The Sweetie

Standard white Siberian, Girl

13 weeks old

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The Absolute Best!!

Siberian Cats Home is the Absolute Best!!
Outstanding breeder; tops in my experience They’re fast to answer to questions and concerns and consistently helpful. My infant is active and appears to be healthy. Oh, how I adore her! Please accept my gratitude for producing such a perfect angel.

Julliet Wood / 21 September 2022

Bruno is a dream come true!

We made the best decision choosing Siberian Cats Home! 
Williams and Ann are, without a doubt, the most skilled breeders I’ve ever encountered. They are not in the least bit pushy while providing you with a wealth of information. They put their whole hearts into their work, and it shows in every aspect! Absolutely incredible.

Vanity More / 22 November 2022

Amazing Experience with Siberian Cats Home

We adore our tiny Waffle we got. She is the calmest, most playful kitty. We highly suggest Siberian Cats Home since Williams and Ann kept us informed throughout. They answered my millions of inquiries. Their response time is also swift. See how much they adore their cats while hunting for a kitten.

Kelly Clorera / 28 December 2022

We loved our experience with Williams and Ann

“We got Jojo, our Siberian cat, from Siberian Cats Home in Kingston, WA, on December 21. He is a healthy, adorable kitty that makes our family happy. Williams and Anna were easy to deal with and constantly available. They were trustworthy and offered us great advise on adopting and caring for our amazing boy.”

Terry / 21 December 2023

Great experience, happy family!

We travelled 13 hours for our Siberian and are thrilled! Ann got us the finest kitty. Gigi is our prettiest and most affectionate kitty. I nicknamed her “Giapatra” since my wife treats her like a prince. Visit Siberian Cats Home and chat to Ann to get a real Siberian cat. Great her. I recommend it.

Jason Brozak / 5 March 2023

We recently picked up our Siberian Kitten

We got our kitten from Siberian Cats Home. Can’t be happier. We had a terrible experience with another breeder and were scared to try again, but the women at Siberian Cats Home made us feel comfortable right away. They emailed photos, addressed our inquiries, and traveled to the airport to pick up the kid. They provided comfort blankets, toys, and a goody bag! The kitten was great from the start.

Alyssa Keener / 28 May 2023

Our Frank Best Siberian Breeder Ever!

Our family missed having a pet to love and companion us after our 15-year-old cat died. We were thrilled to locate a Siberian kitten because our kid likes them and they are nice. William and Ann were fantastic throughout the kitten-buying process. She addressed our inquiries and spoke when promised. We didn’t worry because our kitty was healthy. Nova fits perfectly with our six-person family and is loved by everybody.

Daniella Rosaleah / 13 June 2023